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  • Rita’s Bar – Norwich, NY

    Rita’s Bar – Norwich, NY

    Date: November 26, 2014 @ 9:00 pm

    Venue: Rita's Bar (15 Lackawanna Ave, Norwich, NY)

    Price: FREE!!

    We’re back at Rita’s Bar, only this time it’s a Thanksgiving Eve Party! Come dance and drink and work up an appetite for Thanksgiving!

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Seek The Lion

Seek the Lion is a 5 piece reggae band born out of the heart of New York. In 2013 Nick Andrews, and Nate Collins assembled the best musicians available into a super band to put on an epic first performance with a new sound and a name, then, unheard of. Now, formed as Seek the Lion, these five have united to hit the road spreading their good vibes and New York Reggae music! Join the mailing list and follow the band as we update our upcoming and events. Peace!